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Moving to a Ski Town

Depending on where you live now and how you go about preparing for your move, relocating to the mountains for a ski industry job can either be an exciting adventure or an excruciating experience. If you're trading in the beaches for a mile-high home, chances are you you'll have a bit of adjusting ahead of you.

"One of the best ways to checkout a mountain town is by visiting"

Even resorts that are located at relatively lower elevations will have base elevations of over 5,000 feet above sea level. That's nearly a mile! So, give yourself plenty of time to acclimate before starting your job. Depending on your physical makeup, it can take as much as two weeks to fully adjust to living at high altitude. While you're adjusting, be sure to drink plenty of water, move slowly and try to go easy on the alcohol. If you're starting a job that involves lots of physical labor, pace yourself and get to bed early.

No matter how much clothing you bring for your winter adventure, chances are you'll need more.

Most resorts provide high quality uniforms for their employees. The rest of the time you can get away with wearing jeans almost everywhere. If you still need to buy extra clothing after you get there, take advantage of the discounts extended to resort employees. They can save you a bundle.

"At our resort, the company warehouse stocks loads of useful items such as gloves, long underwear and knit hats for employees at a fraction of the retail price."

Before leaving the lowlands, have your car checked out thoroughly. Tell your mechanic that you're about to plunge yourself into sub-zero weather for the next six months. He'll want to change the type of anti-freeze you use in your radiator - it's different from what you use at sea level. If you're driving an older model car (before computers ran everything), he may need to modify the fuel mixture in your carburetor; since there's less oxygen at high altitude, you may notice that your car's "get up and go" has got up and went. Also, have your tires replaced if they're old. Worn rubber tires provide absolutely no value when driving on cold, icy streets. If your car doesn't have all-wheel or four-wheel drive, it may also be a good idea to buy a good set of snow chains. While the interstates are normally kept free of accumulating snow, just getting out of your condo's parking lot can be challenging with little or no traction.

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