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Ski Area Operations

Activities Center Attendant

Activities Center attendants work in a variety of positions on the mountain or at base facilities and assist guests with everything from planning dining and outdoor activities to participating in site tours during their stay at the resort. While typically employed at the mountain, activities center attendants may work anywhere in the resort community and offer similar services as hotel concierges.

Advance Ticket Sales Agent

Advance ticket sales agents are responsible for helping guests with purchasing ski lift tickets and ski school lesson packages in advance using a Resort Point of Sale system. With more than 200 unique packages available at large resorts, most sales are done on-line or over the telephone.

Advance Ticket Sales Agents also sell packages to large groups of visitors and work directly with the Group Services Department at resorts who assist guests with hotel reservations, movie tickets and more.

Attraction Attendant

Attraction attendants are similar to Activities Center Attendants but are usually responsible for helping guests with outdoor attractions, assisting them on tubing hills, trampolines, children's snowmobiles and other outdoor activities. Attraction Attendants work outdoors, year round and at all hours of the day or night, so the weather is a primary consideration when accepting a job.

Lift Operator

Lift operators assist guests with loading and unloading ski lifts, maintaining maze areas and communicating with guests. Lift operators are not only responsible for their guests' transportation up the mountain but more importantly their safety while riding lifts. Special attention is paid to children, disabled and other skiers and riders with special needs. Lift operators also assist ski patrolmen with safe evacuation procedures during emergencies and transporting injured skiers off the mountain.

Mountain Cat Operator

Mountain Cat operators prepare and maintain the skiing surface of runs at the resort using specially designed heavy equipment. Charged with insuring safe skiing conditions, Cat operators also haul and doze snow and objects from the resort's runs. Many Cat operators work year-round and operate other types of heavy equipment during the summer season.

Parking Attendant

Parking attendants greet guests upon arrival and direct them to suitable parking locations.

Ticket Seller

Ticket sellers interact directly with guests, selling lift tickets and season passes to the resort's guests. Ticket sellers work in conjunction with Ticket Scanners and Security to identify guests attempting to ride the resort's lifts without valid passes.

Ski Race Crew

Race crew members are responsible for setting up and maintaining the quality of recreational ski racing courses. They also provide timing and announcing of race results. Where appropriate, Race Crew members assist members of the public with participating in National Standard Race (NASTAR) series and award medals.


Snowmakers assist with the production of machine-made snow and insure suitable skiing and riding snow surfaces for guests. Snowmakers are required to work day or night shifts. The ability to lift heavy objects and work in potentially dangerous situations is a requirement of the job.

Human Resources Specialist

Human resources specialists input and process employees' employment paperwork and assist with issuing employee ski passes. Opportunities are available as winter or summer seasonal and year-round positions.

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