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Ski and snowboard instructors teach skiing and riding to all levels of guests and help them to become more proficient at their sport. They promote safety on the slopes by emphasizing skier and rider responsibility and help guests to understand the mountain environment.

It's a misnomer that all ski instructors "start out at the bottom" teaching kids. The fact of the matter is that children's instructors are specially trained instructors who provide care for children of guests aged 3-6 and 7-14 years.

Children's instructors receive unique training that helps them work with younger clients, insuring that they're happy and safe. If the children's instructor does a good job with the child, they've made a client for life - and with their parents.

As professional ski and snowboard instructors achieve various levels of certification through the Professional Ski Instructors Association of America or the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, their rate of pay and the quality of assignments improve. There are also unique opportunities for instructors who are qualified to work with the disabled and other guests with special needs.

One of the most recent focuses in ski schools across the country is working with military veterans who have suffered life-long debilitating injuries or loss of limbs.

There are also a number of resorts that offer specific programs to skiers over the age of fifty. Teaching middle-age skiers how to improve in their sport requires different skills and approaches compared to younger clients. There is also some discussion within the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) to offer special certification to those who are trained to work with older students, just as there are special certifications for working with children.

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