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Ski Instructor Work

Professional ski instructors make up over 29,000 members of the Professional Ski Instructors of America across 9 divisions. PSIA serves as the governing body of professional ski instructors across the country and helps to set safe, fun and consistent teaching standards at the more than 307 PSIA endorsed ski schools across the country.

Professional ski instructors who wish to earn more money and the respect of their peers can participate in the PSIA certification process. New, inexperienced ski and snowboard instructors are often hired at resorts to fill positions that were vacated the winter before. As instructors retire, there is always a need for experienced and certified instructors capable of teaching all levels of skiers and riders.

Most resorts design their own ski and snowboard instructor training programs and require new instructors to go through anywhere from several days to several weeks of training. New instructors learn about:

While it's not necessary to be an expert skier in order to teach skiing to others, one of the best ways to become a better skier yourself is to teach others how to ski and ride. By understanding and teaching the nuances of the sport to others, it's much easier to apply good mechanics to your own technique, even if it is light years ahead of your students.

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