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Modern ski resorts are in effect, small cities that offer entertainment for their guests and provide every conceivable service necessary to sustain a year-round staff. From employee housing to uniforms and food, ski resorts are made up of many different departments that all need dependable, positive-thinking employees to build their workforce each year. In addition to the most visible jobs like lift operators, ski instructors and restaurant workers, ski resorts also depend on many employees working behind the scenes to groom ski runs at night, setup dining rooms, clean hotel rooms and prepare the mountain for the next day's visitors. There are also thousands of jobs in information technology, advertising and public relations that are important for sustaining a resort's profitability.

But, before you pack your bags and head into the high country, ask yourself what type of job are you looking for? Something simple, just to support yourself for a single season (winter or summer) or are you ready to commit to a resort for the long haul? There are plenty of opportunities for both.

The majority of people looking for work at ski resorts begin by taking ski jobs that will barely cover the bills, allowing them the maximum number of days on the mountain. Some workers are so passionate about skiing and riding that they look for night jobs making snow or washing dishes - any role that doesn't interfere with racking up vertical feet during the day. Others prefer jobs that combine skiing with their full time positions such as ski instructors, ski patrolmen or children's ski school attendants. And there are even a small percentage of people whose goal is to follow bonafide resort career paths in management or sales and marketing. Ski resorts depend on all of these.

"I came to ski one season. That was 17 years ago. I've been here ever since."

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