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Jobs at Mountain Resorts

Barista Jobs

If you've ever ordered a Double Grande Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks, then you've met a Barista. Baristas prepare a wide variety of coffee drinks at various restaurants and bars throughout the ski resort. They are required to have a complete understanding of the full line of drinks and snacks offered at each venue. Baristas work hectic shifts for an hourly wage and moderate tips.

Bartender Jobs

Bartenders prepare a variety of drinks and cocktails either behind the bar or on the serving floor in hundreds of clubs and fine restaurants located throughout the resort. Bartenders may be employed at either the resort's parent company, at hotels or other establishments. While the hourly rate of pay is typically low, with the proper attitude and "service with a smile", bartenders can make exceptional tips.

"If you can tend bar, you can find work anywhere!"


The Bellperson is often the first person that a guest meets and is responsible for meeting and greeting them upon their arrival at their hotels and other resort accommodations, handling luggage and parking guests' cars.

Similar to bartenders, Bellpersons will usually work for a relatively low hourly wage offset by lucrative tips.

Resort Child Care Aides and Attendants

Child care aides and attendants care for children of guests, ages 2 months to 5 years while their families are enjoying the winter activities of the mountain. Some facilities require special licenses or certifications before employment, so be sure to check with the Human Resource Department for special qualifications before applying for work.


Concierges are the true ambassadors of the community. Usually employed by the resort or major hotels, concierges are responsible for providing superior guest service from pre-arrival contact until their departure. Duties include confirming bookings, organizing activities and helping guests to become familiar with local points of interest. Concierges are famous for the extraordinary tips they can make and the important contacts they enjoy.

Seasonal Cooking Jobs

Cooks are responsible for preparing recipes in the fast-paced environments of budget-oriented to fine dining establishments throughout the resort. Cooks may work anywhere from a hot dog stand to five-star restaurants and are often supervised by the Food & Beverage Manager or the Executive Chef.

Food & Beverage Manager

Food & beverage managers supervise employees who work at the dining facilities throughout the resort community. The position includes communicating, coaching and training wait staff, hostesses and kitchen personnel and insuring that the restaurant runs according to resort standards.

Front Desk Agent

Front desk agents are the first point of contact for visiting guests at hotels and condominiums and maintain reservations, coordinate housekeeping and other activities in guests' rooms.

Resort Housekeeper Jobs

Housekeepers are hired to clean guests' hotel and condominium rooms at locations throughout the resort, insuring that the guests enjoy clean living conditions. Housekeepers work in conjunction with Front Desk Agents to insure that guests have everything they need to make their stay at the resort comfortable.

Spa Therapist Jobs

Spa therapists provide guests with effective massage and therapy services through hotels, condominiums and other guest facilities.

Valet Attendants

Valet attendants welcome guests upon arrival and assist them with loading and unloading baggage from automobiles and shuttles. Valets relocate guests' automobiles and provide other services as needed. Like Bellpersons and Bartenders, Valets typically work for low hourly wages and depend on tips as part of their income.

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