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For many guests beginning their vacation at a ski resort, one of their first stops is the ski and snowboard rental shop. Rental shops can enhance a guest's vacation experience by providing them with proper fitting skis, boots, poles, snowboards and other equipment.

Chris Fitzgerald has been successfully attending to guests' equipment needs since 1988 and is currently the Rental Inventory Manager with Specialty Sports Venture based in Denver, Colorado. With over 97 rental and 170 retail stores across three states that employee up to 3,800 employees during winter, Chris has had the opportunity to figure out what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to providing the very best in equipment and customer service to his guests.

Specialty Sports Venture (or SSV) considers itself to be the premiere "beachfront" rental store in all of Colorado, California and Utah. From our smaller shop in Crested Butte to our flagship store in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bachelor Gulch, our goal is to offer the guest the very best service in renting and servicing their equipment.

Since we're located so close to the mountains, we get a number of new applicants for rental technicians, DIN technicians (who adjust and service bindings), tuning specialists and retail sales people. Most of them have one thing on their mind: how can I find a job that will allow me the most time on the slopes?

For people coming to the mountains to work, the first thing that I'd recommend they do is ask themselves what type of working environment is important to them? If they need to be outside all day, then working in a ski shop may not be the best fit for them. Ski shop employees should also have a very strong work ethic with an emphasis on customer service. They should be the type of person that is constantly willing to give that extra 2% to help make a guest's experience memorable.

Physical appearance is another very important factor in getting hired. While we understand that everyone should be free to express themselves with regard to how they dress, wear their hair and body art, they need to remember that many of the people that we work with have very conservative values and are often turned off by tattoos, piercings or other physical statements. If there's a way that these can be hidden by clothing, we can usually make it work.

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