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Once you've spent a winter or two working as a professional ski instructor or ski patrolman, the idea of staying with a resort job might begin to look like a better career alternative than sequestering yourself in a cubicle processing invoices. Trading in the 90-minute commute on a freeway that's choked with smog loses out to hitching a ride to work each morning on a high speed quad chair lift. But, are there ways to get ahead even in the ski industry? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Like many other businesses, the ski industry is made up of thousands of jobs that require not only seasonal workers, but also people who can be depended on to stay with the resort to insure the continuity of its operations - without these people, it would be impossible for the resort industry to grow.

While making a commitment to work year-round in a resort area might require a few sacrifices, dedicated resort employees usually enjoy more challenging and better paying jobs than seasonal jobs. Even jobs that are restricted to the winter months can grow with the individual if they choose to return to the resort year after year. For instance, in ski schools, many seasoned instructors choose to move up into supervisor or management positions after teaching.

One of the most visible jobs is the professional ski instructor.

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