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Where's the Snow?

As you can imagine there are down sides to every job and the ski industry is no different. Almost every job you fill at a ski resort is directly or indirectly affected by the number of visiting guests, how much money the resort makes and how much snow falls in a given season. If the snow comes late, your job will not start until the resort needs you. So, even though you've plunked down the cash for a new apartment, bought groceries and gas, you still may not work until the resort gets busy - usually not until Thanksgiving or Christmas week.

Depending on the department you work for, the resort will often find ways to put you to work even when the snow refuses to fall. This may include temporarily filling positions outside of your regular department. The work may not be what you originally signed up for, but at least it's a check.

If you work for a department that exists solely to service the guest and they don't show up, then your weekly check may be significantly smaller than what you anticipated. For instance, ski school instructors get paid not only by the hour, but by the number of students that they teach. If the guests aren't there, chances are you may not work for a while, so be prepared to economize during "dry" times. On the other hand, during peak periods like Christmas week and the Easter holidays, you can potentially make more money than you've ever made before - all while cruising around the mountain.

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