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Summer Jobs at Ski Resorts

Ask anyone who's lived at a resort year round why they live at a mountain resort and they'll tell you the same thing:

"When I first moved here, I thought summer was the absence of winter. Now, summer is my favorite time of year."

Whether you're looking for a fun summer alternative at a small ski resort in Vermont or one of the larger ski area in Colorado, they all strive to achieve the same thing - to provide ways to entertain guests during the summer months.

Between the Fourth of July and Labor Day, thousands of winter visitors are lured back as summer guests by visions of mountain sides covered in wildflowers, miles of single-track trails, tranquil lakes and thundering rapids.

Resorts that used to operate solely in the winter are now experiencing a renaissance of summer tourism. And, to make that happen, resorts depend on their staff to offer the same award-winning customer service in the summer as they do in the winter.

While many jobs are not offered during the summer (such as ski school), many departments do offer year-round opportunities to their staff. For instance, Ski Patrolmen trade in their skis for pick-up trucks and patrol the mountain administering first aid and customer service to those in need. Injured hikers and mountain bikers are evacuated to local medical facilities by year-round Ski Patrolmen. They are also in charge of maintaining signage and keeping the mountain safe for summer visitors. Lift attendants transport mountain bikers up the mountain and other guests to the mountain venues for picnics, concerts and weddings - all big business during the summer months.

In town, outdoor amphitheaters come alive with scores of concerts, music and dance festivals - all entertainment attractions that require employees that are familiar with not only the artists, but local attractions as well. Many restaurants and hotels offer year-round positions that include medical benefits, 401K plans and other amenities designed to retain reliable staff members.

Summer also provides a number of uniquely summer job opportunities. Resorts that are located by rivers, lakes and other bodies of water are usually in full swing by June offering whitewater rafting and fly fishing. Most resorts need people to lead nature hikes, jeep tours and mountain biking adventures. The majority of these positions are offered out of store fronts that operate as ski shops during the winter.

The majority of resorts don't offer job fairs for summer resort employees. So, how do you find work for the summer season? The best way to begin your summer job search is by starting early. If you're at the resort skiing in February, stop by the Human Resources department and ask them about their hiring process. It's also a good idea to chat with the managers of the departments that interest you. Often times, the same people who staff winter venues are the people you need to talk to about a summer job. They may even suggest jobs for you that you never knew existed. Other great resources for summer jobs include classified ads on the Internet and in print, bulletin boards at supermarkets and above all, word of mouth.

While finding work may be very competitive during the summer months, you'll be surprised to learn how easy it is to find housing. If you're lucky enough to land a job with a resort, chances are you'll be able to live in employee housing at a fraction of the winter rent. And the lower demand for housing often means that you'll be able to have a room all to yourself - no roommates!

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