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Winter Seasonal Jobs

A Great Place to Start

Some of the easiest jobs to land at resorts are those in ski area operations during the winter months. These include ski instructors, ski lift operators, concierges, guest service personnel and trail groomers. The majority of these positions are filled with seasonal workers, although there are a small percentage of workers who return year after year, alternating their summer jobs with their winter jobs.

Keep in mind that some of the jobs require specialized training and experience such as operating heavy equipment, snowsports certifications or advanced medical training. However, most resorts will be happy to train the right person if the applicant is serious about the job and likely to return year after year. One of the quickest ways to find a rewarding job is to make contact with relatives, friends and friends of friends who have worked at resorts. Many of the best jobs never get listed in the classified ads.

If, after one or two seasons of working at a winter resort, you decide that you'd like to experience life at another ski area, it's generally easier to transfer to another resort if you've done a good job and can get a recommendation from your supervisor. The ski and snowboard industry is a closely knit community - the supervisor at your current area can probably help pave the way if you decide to move.

Here's a brief description of some of the most common seasonal jobs from a major North American ski resort and what they entail. We have broken the jobs into categories that include:

Each section includes a brief description of the work, responsibilities and requirements.

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